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Unicorn PNG Images - The Unicorn is a mythical creature, usually a wild animal impossible to catch, in the form of a horse with a horn on its forehead. It is mentioned by the Greek physician and historian Ktisias in his work Persian. It has been identified with purity while in the Middle Ages it symbolized the Holy Spirit and the Devil. The medieval Greek physiologist mentions tips on how he can be conceived and this is done because he falls into the trap of lust. A girl stands on the glade and sings. The creature is enchanted by the melody and is led to her arms.
References to its shape are many: Animal with a horse body, deer head, bear tail and elephant legs. In the center of the forehead is a large horn. Many times we meet him with wings. It used to have a goat-like beard and a twisted horn, from the middle and back of a horse and the front legs of an antelope. His horn had divination skills with a single blow he could kill an elephant. Also, if its horn is broken, it can form images in the air.
The enemy of the unicorn is the panther, which attracts creatures with its smell. The unicorn attacks with its horn but the jumping panther avoids him with a jump. Its prey nails its horn to a tree and is trapped. In the Indian subcontinent it had the shape of a donkey had white hair blue eyes and purple head, the horn in the center of the forehead was white at the base, black in the middle and red at the tip. In the same area he refers to a green-haired human speech that when he spoke gave oracles.
In Chinese mythology he was one of the four animals that brought good and most important of all animals while he lived a thousand years. He had the body of a deer ox and the hooves of a horse, the hair on his back was colorful and his belly was yellow or brown. He was a calm animal and so kind that he walked so as not to step on any living creature. It fed on animal carcasses and not on grass.
The unicorn was the creature that the spirits of five planets brought to Confucius mother shortly before she gave birth to him. This unicorn was in the form of a cow with dragon limbs, 70 years after this unicorn was killed by hunters and on its horn it still had the ribbon tied by Confucius's mother.
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