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Tree PNG Images - Tree is a perennial woody plant. The tree is grouped as follows: A woody plant whose soil develops into a single main stem or trunk with a distinctly distinct apex. According to some writers, the minimum height of a tree should be 3m to 6m when fully developed. Some writers have set a minimum diameter of 10 cm for the trunk of a tree. Other woody trees, which do not meet these conditions, such as branched main stems or small-sized trees are called shrubs. Compared to other plants, the tree is long-lived, some trees live up to a thousand years and can grow up to 115 meters tall.
Trees are an important element of natural beauty because they prevent erosion and create a climate-protected ecosystem under their foliage. Trees also play an important role in generating oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the air and controlling ground temperature.
They are a component of landscaping and agriculture, due to their aesthetic appeal and variety of fruits. The wood obtained from the tree is used for making various structures including houses and as fuel wood. According to 2005 estimates, there are about 4 billion trees in the world, about 61 per person.
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