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Sword PNG Images - A sword is a long, sharp weapon that is used to strike or strike. The real meaning of this varies according to the historical period and geographical region. The sword is made by joining the handle with a long metal blade. The metal blade is both straight and curved. The metal blade of the sword used for piercing is pointed and straight. The metal blade of the sword used for cutting has sharp edges on one side or both sides and the blade is usually curved in nature. Swords of many natures are made for piercing and cutting.
According to historical records, the sword originated in the Bronch Age, from a small knife, around 1600 BC. Later Iron Age swords were smaller and without crossguards. Spatha, which originated during the late Roman army and then became the predecessor of medieval European swords, first developed as a sword adopted during the migration or emigration period and only in the Middle Ages as the first cross-guard sword.
The use of the sword is called asichalana or (in modern terminology) asikrida. In the early modern era, Western sword engineers were mainly divided into two types - the piercing sword and the curved sword of the cavalry.
Used swords such as the lightweight sword (rapier) or small swords are used for sharpening and for sharp stabbing of targets. Its long and straightforward yet light and beautifully balanced creation technique has made it a great tactical and deadly weapon in the field of duel but it is extremely ineffective in the field of cutting and in the direction of cutting. However, if the target can be jumped and hit with the right aim, the sharp point of this sword can end a duel in a few seconds. From which modern asceticism as a war strategy has been born.
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