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Spiderman PNG Images - Spiderman is a fictional comic character. It was created by Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, author Stan Lee, and cartoonist Steve Ditko. Spiderman was first published in August 1982 in the 15th issue of Imaging Fantasy. He is shown as a teenager growing up in the house of his cousins ​​Uncle Ben and Aunt May. At this age, he has to struggle with masked bandits as he gets older. Soon the creators of Spiderman began to portray him as a superhuman being.
By the time Spider-Man was published in the 1980's, comic books featured teenagers as the main superhero side characters. Spiderman's Peter Parker comes out of the abyss and launches a new trend. Peter Parker is a typical school teenager in which his peers find their shadow. In time, Peter Parker left his shyness behind to go from school to college, and became involved in various troubles. Comics Spiderman is often referred to as Spidey, Web-Slinger, Wall-Crawler or Web-Head.
Spiderman is one of the most popular and successful superheroes in the world. He has been featured in various media as the flagship character of Marvel Comics and the company's mascot; For example, Toby Maguire starred in the first three episodes of an animated or motion TV series, newspapers and a popular movie series.
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