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Spider PNG Images - A spider is an eight-legged insect. It is also called Ashtapadi Jiva. House spiders usually eat insects to keep their house clean.
There are different types of spiders. Spiders are classified by the method of weaving their nets. There are different types of spiders like Tent Spider, Funnel Web Spider, Giant Wood Spider, Signature Spider.
Some spiders jump without walking, so they are called zebra jumpers. Also some spiders that do not weave nets are called wolf spiders as they are predators. Due to the lack of nets, the female of the hunting spider lays her eggs on her own back.
Spiders can live without food and water for many days. They have a different way of digesting food, in which spiders release their digestive juices into their prey and then absorb the decomposed liquid food. Spiders have four to eight eyes. Most spiders can only see things close to you, but the sensitive hair on their body helps them to be alert.
Not all hairy spiders are poisonous. However, the spider Tarantula is famous all over the world. Its size is almost as big as your paw. In spiders, females are larger than males.
Different spiders are found in different parts of the world. Spiders with red spots or white stripes on their backs found in Australia are poisonous. Their bites cause the bite of the human body to turn red and cause fire. In such cases, medical treatment should be sought immediately. However, this bite is not fatal. Some spiders, however, can be very poisonous. For example, Latrodectus spider with red mark on the back as seen in the picture.
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