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Snake PNG Images - A snake is a long-bodied, carnivorous, cunning reptile without arms and legs. Because they have no eyelids and no earlobes, snakes are different from legless lizards. According to the scientific taxonomy, members of the animal world (animal), cordata (cordata), vertebrata (vertebrate) subfamily or class, reptilia (Saropsida) class, Squamata class, Serpentes (Serpentes) subfamilies are called snakes. Squamata (Squamanta) The snake is ectothermic like everyone else in the class [from the Greek (ektós) "outside" and θερμός ( thermós ) "hot") which means a part that contains biological sources that generate internal heat.
As far as is known, there are a total of 15 families of snakes, 458 genera, and more than 2,900 species. They range from Scandinavia in the far northern hemisphere to Australia in the south. Snakes are found on all continents except Antarctica, be it in the deepest seabed or in the Himalayas, about 16,000 feet (4,900 m) above sea level. Surprisingly, there are some islands or islands where snakes are not found. Such as Ireland, Iceland andNew Zealand (although yellow sea urchins and striped marine crates are found near the belly in New Zealand waters).
Their size is sometimes very small, 10 cm. (Thread snake) to a maximum of 25 feet or 6.8 meters (python and anaconda). The newly discovered Titanoboa snake fossils are about 13 meters or 43 feet long.
Although known to be venomous, most species of snakes are non-venomous, and those that are venomous are more likely to use venom to injure various animals while hunting than to defend themselves. Some snake venoms pose a serious health risk or death to humans. Many times snake venom benefits people, which is used as medicine for various diseases. The snake is an innocent animal.
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