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Santa Hat PNG Images - Santa's clothes, clothes with which Santa Claus is presented. The American version of modern clothing can be attributed to the work of Thomas Nast, Harper's Weekly magazine, although many people think that Haddon Sandblom thought of this version for the advertisement of Coca-Cola. Sandblum's work does not correspond to the style of Eastern Santa․ Clothes with red and white fur are modern. It has become the style of the American Santa, but in several European countries St. Nicholas, who has a religious dress with a bishopric, remains modern. 
The costume of the modern Santa Claus, with which we know Santa, was first depicted by Thomas Nast. The original painting of Nasti was a small Santa who could go down the chimney, but his later works were made in large sizes. He was the first to portray Santa in fur, red clothes, and a nightgown with a belt.
Before Nast, Santa's costume was dark, which he changed to red, although he painted Santa in green. This change is often mistakenly attributed to Haddon Sandblom, who painted Santa in 1931 for an advertisement for the Coca-Cola Company. Although Sandblom's work undoubtedly changed the perception of Santa Claus, his red dress appeared in Harper's Weekly at least forty years ago. The Coca-Cola Company itself attributed the red color of the clothes to Nast's earlier work. Santa is depicted with various figures, even as a dwarf. Sandblom's work standardized Santa in his red outfit.
There are regional differences in the clothes of Santa Claus. Usually in the United States և in the United Kingdom he wears a red jacket with white fur, trousers with a wide belt, a hat and shoes. In the lowlands of continental Europe, such as Austria, St. Nicholas is still modern, with a long robe and episcopal vestments resembling the robe of a saint.
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