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Plants PNG Images - A large group of plant organisms, most of which can make sugary foods through photosynthesis and cannot move. Trees, shrubs, birch, etc. belong to the plant world. There are an estimated 350,000 species of plants on earth. Of these, about 28,755 species have been identified as of 2004. Of these, 256,650 are flowering plants.
Tree is a perennial woody plant. The tree is grouped as follows: A woody plant whose soil develops into a single main stem or trunk with a distinctly distinct apex. According to some writers, the minimum height of a tree should be 3 m to 6 m when fully developed.
The shrub is smaller than the tree and its stems and branches are hard but the trunk of the tree is smaller and thinner than the branches and the root of the shrub does not go too deep into the soil. Branches grow all over the main stem of this plant.
The stems of Birut, the branches are soft. Is small in size.
Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was the first to discover that plants have life.
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