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Parrot PNG Images - A bird belonging to the parrot. There are about 3 species of parrots. Parrots are commonly found in all areas of the tropics. Parrots are mainly divided into two families. The two families are the Sittisidae or the real Parrot and the Kakatuidae. Parrots are also found in the southern tropics apart from the entire tropics.
Most species live in South America and Australia, Straight posture, strong legs. Most parrots are green. Some strains are brightly colored while others are mixed. Cockatoo breeds vary in color from full white to full black, with a crown of pukes on the head. Most parrots have a single mate throughout life. The smallest parrot weighs 2.4 inches and weighs 1 gram, while the largest parrot weighs 2.4 feet and weighs 1 kilogram. Thus the largest body variety in the bird is found in parrots.
Foods for parrots are mainly seeds, legumes, fruit, sprouts and other herbs. Some breeds of parrots also eat insects and small animals. Lorries and loricetes are skilled at absorbing nectar. Most parrots live in wooden shells. The chick that hatches from the parrot's white egg is in a state of utter helplessness. The parrot belongs to a group of keen birds.
Some breeds of parrots mimic human voices. Thus they are known to man as a pet. Today, the number of parrots in the wild has decreased considerably due to the use of tropical insects, hunting and other bird attacks. Serious efforts have been made throughout the world to save them.
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