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Music Notes PNG Images - A musical note is a code used to describe a sound in a musical score of Western music.
A note represents a relative note length (note value), temporal position, and pitch (pitch) in a staff notation or the like. Moreover, the shape differs depending on the note value. Each note consists of three parts: a note head, a stem, and a stem, but one that lacks a stem, one that lacks a stem and a stem, and one that lacks a stem and a stem.
Some of the note heads are outlined (in some books, the stem and the stem are collectively called the stem, and the stem is called the stem and the hook is called the hook. In some cases). The temporal position and pitch are indicated by the position of the note head in the staff.
Rests (both kyufu and rest) are paired with notes. Rests indicate no sound. Rests have no pitch, so they are written in a certain place on the staff in principle, but when multiple voices are written on one staff, or between notes connected by beams, a short rest is inserted.
When pinching, move it up and down as appropriate. Rests with half rests or more are moved so as not to disturb the correspondence with the staff, and if they go out of the staff or if there is no staff, add a line. As a general rule, notes and rests are played continuously.
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