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Monkey PNG Images - Monkeys, apes are a type of mammal. Originally, two of the three groups of Simian primates were commonly known as monkeys. These groups are the monkeys of the new world, the monkeys of the old world and the monkeys. They are mainly found in South Asia and North Africa.
Monkeys are intelligent and social animals, Most species live in trees. Although vegetarians, they have ample diversity in habitat and food. There are 5 species of monkeys out of 10 species of primates in Bangladesh. Of the 19 species of monkeys currently in the world, all but one have spread from Asia to Afghanistan. From Japan, Philippines to Borneo.
Monkeys are thought to have originated as far away as 3.5-4 million years ago. 
Currently there are two groups of monkeys. Those are the monkeys of the new world and the monkeys of the old world. New World monkeys live in South America. Old world monkeys live in Africa and Asia. The monkeys of the new world are smaller than the monkeys of the old world. The smallest of the monkey species is the Pygmyi marmoset. They are usually 12 to 15 cm in length. They weigh about 120 grams. They live in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. 
Monkeys have long arms and legs that allow them to jump from one tree to another. Monkeys that have long tails can hang on trees with their long tails. The monkey's body is covered with hair. Warm-blooded animals. The heart has four chambers.
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