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Mirror PNG Images - A mirror that reflects objects by reflection. There are mirrors that reflect light, usually a mirror, but also a sound radio wave. Light is necessary for objects to appear to us. The object is visible to us by the light of an object that is in space. Such as a lamp. But illuminated material is what we see. Falling on it, the light scattered from it enters our eye. This page for example. Although it disperses light, it is not a mirror. But a mirror is a polished metal panel on the surface or a thin glass with metal ventilation on the back, which reflects light.
Used to look after mirrors. In a small shop, all the walls are covered with mirrors to make the shop look wider. The mirror is used to reduce the length of the lighting equipment as the mirror folds the optical path. The mirrors at the turns of the road make us see vehicles coming from that side of the curve before we turn. When submerged in water, two mirrors are placed parallel to each other in the longitudinal tube, at a 45ยบ angle, in order to see the objects or objects above the water and to see the enemy's movements in the ditch. Then the rays of light emitted from the objects above are reflected in the two mirrors and enter the eye of those below. In kaleidoscopy, three long mirrors are mounted in a tube to give each other a 60ยบ angle. If one looks at it from the other end, you can see the colored slices on the other. This kaleidoscope is used to visualise image designs that are printed on clothes for children's play.
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