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Love PNG Images - Love is one of the many emotions and experiences related to the intense instincts of affection and attachment. The word can be cited in terms of various emotions, states and attitudes ranging from general pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction. The word love is both a verb and a noun. But importantly, it gives rise to more than one emotion and we have emotions (and thoughts about emotions) about our emotions. The variety of uses and meanings of the word and the complexity of the emotions associated with it make it difficult to define the word love consistently even in comparison to other sensitive situations.
Love, as an abstract idea, is usually a deep, tender, ineffable feeling for another person. and since then religious love has a wide range of different emotions like oneness or devotion. Love is an interpersonal relationship in its various formsIt is one of the most common subjects in the creative arts due to its central psychological significance.
The English word "love" may have different but different meanings in different contexts. Often, other languages ​​use many words to express some of the different ideas, for which the English language is primarily based on the word "love". Depending on, for example, the variation of the Greek words for "love."
The character of the essence of love has often been the subject of controversy, although various aspects of the word can be clarified from what love is not. The expression of positive emotion (as the most powerful form of choice) love is usually the opposite of hate (or neutral apathy); Although love as a less sensual and more sensitive form is usually distinguished from lust and love as an interpersonal relationship with romantic meanings, love is usually distinguished from friendship. Other definitions of the word may apply to close friendships in specific contexts.
When discussed abstractly, love is usually used in the context of interpersonal love, an experience that occurs from one person to another. Love often involves self-indulgence (such as narcissism), caring for a person or thing, or feeling overwhelmed. In addition to intercultural differences in understanding love, ideas about love have also changed over time. Modern ideas of love are associated with monarchical Europe before or after the Middle Ages, although the ancient love poem bears witness to the fact that romantic attachment existed before. Due to the complex and abstract nature of love, the discussion about love is largely thought-terminating And Virgil's "love triumphs everywhere" and the Beatles 'common proverbs about love, such as The Beatles' "All you need is love". Bertrand Russell describes love as a condition of "absolute value" as opposed to relative value. The philosopher Thomas Jay Oord) Said that to love is to "purposefully, sympathetically respond to another to promote universal good."
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