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House PNG Images - A house is a wooden house built for human habitation. A house is basically a one-room residential building made of masonry with the help of wood, concrete or any other material, which may have access to water, electricity, heat or air conditioning. The word house comes from the word house. The other synonyms of the word house are - building, abode, abode, dwelling etc. Different roofs are constructed inside the house to prevent rain water from entering. Indoor items and occupants are locked to protect them from thieves or other harmful animals or humans. All Western homes have one or more bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Some homes may have a separate dining room or dining room in an extended part of another room. The presence of recreation rooms can be seen in some homes. Separate houses are provided for domesticated animals and birds in agricultural areas.
In ancient times, people used to stay in caves in the mountains to escape the wrath of nature. As a social creature, people learn to think of that cave as their home. Later on, man is now at home in the course of time by applying his sharp judgment, power, skill.
People have become worldly by building houses. Generally, bamboo poles, tins and other auxiliary materials are needed to make a livable house. Three/four decades ago, it was customary to provide paddy straw or jute canopy in huts for building houses or building huts. At present, besides these, the circulation of bricks, sand, cement and iron has increased a lot.
Types of houses - huts, tin houses, buildings, mud houses, semi-finished houses etc. are prepared. The level of the house can be observed on the economic well-being of the homeowner. Socially, those who own their own house and those who live in other people's house as tenants are seen to be referred to as home instead of the word house. As a person, a man sees his wife as a housewife or housewife.
Living with a man as a housewife is called making a house. In addition, finding a home that is suitable for establishing a marital relationship is called finding a home. The word house breaking down as sad news is quite difficult in the true sense. Conspiracy, personal character, mental balance etc. are mostly responsible for house demolition. The role of men is more in the maintenance of the house. However, the role of wife in maintaining social balance including worldly peace is no less.
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