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Horse PNG Images - The horse is a beautiful quadruped for riding in a non-chewing animal. That Turg, Hi, Ashwa, Tokhar, Waji, Also known as Viti Arva etc. Horses do not have cracked legs. It is not real but it has whole nails like dabla. Like a lion, it has hair on its neck, which is called hairy. This animal is used for riding and connecting to carts and hulls. Of all the animals, the horse is the real male.
Because she is the only female sign i.e. breastDo not. Horses are the most beautiful of all animals. They can be white, black, red, yellow or mixed colors. His voice is called hoarse or hoarse. By nature he is a poor, obedient and loyal animal. Grass and grain are its food. The mare gives birth to a calf at 11 months or 7 days after conception. The age limit of a horse is considered to be 3 years.
It is said that the devil could not come near the horse. In a house where there is a horse, strength and sorrow are removed and it is believed to enjoy great freedom.
Keeping a horseshoe that is worn on the horse's left side at the front door of the house will not allow the dirty thing to enter the house.
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