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Hamster PNG Images - The hamster has a thick body, the length of the tail is less than the length of the body and its ears are short and hairy, its legs are short and thick and the legs are wide. The color of their long or short, dense, silky hairs can be black, grey, honey, white, brown, yellow, or red, or a mixture of any of these, depending on their species.

Hamsters have very poor eyesight; They can see near objects and are color blind. However, they have a very high sense of smell and have a very good hearing. Hamsters can use their sense of smell to identify gender, locate food, and identify pheromones. They are also particularly sensitive to loud noises and can hear and communicate in the supersonic range.

The tail is sometimes difficult to see because it is usually not very long (which is about 1/6 of their body length) but the Chinese dwarf hamster is an exception whose tail is longer than its body. length is equal to . This is hardly visible in a hamster with long hair. Hamsters are very flexible and their bones are somewhat weak. They are very sensitive to rapid temperature changes and gusts of wind, as well as to extreme heat or cold. Hamsters are hindgut enzymes and it is essential for them to eat their own feces in order to re-digest the food. This mechanism is called coprophagy and is necessary for hamsters to obtain the proper nutrients from their food.

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