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Goat PNG Images - The goat is a subspecies of the domesticated C. aegagrus, derived from wild goats in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Goats are members of the Bovidi family and the Caprini subfamily, meaning the animal is related to sheep. There are more than 300 species of goats. It is one of the oldest domesticated animals, and according to archeological evidence, goats were kept as domesticated animals in Iran 10,000 years before the earliest calibrated calendar.
Goat rearing is an ancient tradition that is still important in places like Egypt.
Goat 's milk, goat meat, skin, fur are used in many parts of the world. Goat cheese is obtained from milk obtained from goats.
Female goats are called doses or nanies, adult male goats are called bucks or bilis and juvenile goats of both sexes are called calves. Khasi goat men are called Weather. Although the terms haircaine and caprine refer to both goat-like qualities, castrated goats are often used to eliminate the distinctive odor of house goats.
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in 2011, there were more than 924 million goats worldwide.
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