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Frog PNG Images - Frogs are amphibians of the genus Anura. They are famous for jumping (world record for body size) and rainy season (breeding season).
Attempts are often made to distinguish between the toad and the cola. Kuno frogs are more common in dry places and cola frogs are more common in humid places or in water. But no bank other than the Buffotide family is called Kuno Frog. In addition to these, there are many other types of frogs, such as frogs, chameleon-like frogs, pink frogs, yellow frogs, Darwin's Frog (Mexican Borrowing Todd), etc.
Among the different species of frogs, some are nocturnal and some are cold-blooded. The branch of science that deals with amphibians and reptiles is called herpetology, and the scientists who work with these animals are called herpetologists.
Frogs have a role to play in human diet. It also has many cultural roles in literature, symbols and religion. The Sanskrit name of the frog is Dardur from which the Bengali name Dadur or Daduri comes. Another name is Vek.
At one time, flocks of frogs were found in large numbers in rural areas, especially in Chile, Ghana, Costa Rica, and Panama. Now their habitat has dwindled, and a special kind of fungal disease is spreading. As a result, their number is facing the threat of extinction day by day.
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