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Food PNG Images - Food is usually a substances that organisms eat for nutrients or pleasure, including starch, fat and protein. Food is usually from plants, animals or getting grilled drinks. At first man hunted animals and filled his stomach, and now he got the things he needed by farming, fishing, hunting, searching and so on. We find that every region, every dish has its own unique food system.

Food is not just for use, but there are some foods that are unique enough to tell you what kind of food they are, and we see some culture in them. Usually we use plants or parts of plants as food. We grow over 3000 plants and each one has its own speciality. Plant seeds contain many nutrients and are very useful for animals (including humans).

Another factor that comes to our attention today is that most of the food consumed by man is either seed or spore. This includes cereals, legumes and oilseeds. In addition, many fruits (including seed) feed on human and other animals. We find that many fruits like tomatoes are used in vegetable form as well. Vegetables also have a share in animal diets after grains and fruits. Some vegetable root form, some leafy, stem and flower parts are used as vegetables.

Food is divided into two parts according to the function of food in the organism, e.g.

Body-nourishing food : Foods that help in the formation, growth and energy production of the body are called body-nourishing food. Such as: sugars or carbohydrates, carbs or proteins and fats or lipids.

Body-preserving foods : Foods that protect the body from infection, which are not conducive to energy production, are called body-preserving foods. Such as: food or vitamins, minerals.

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