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Ferret PNG Images - The body of a ferret is similar to that of other  gametes , as it is long and slender, with an average length of 50 cm, including a 13 cm long tail. Its fur has many colors, including brown, black, white or mixed colours. And weighing about (2-0.7 kg), the males of this predator differ from the females, as the males are actually larger than them. The average  gestation period for females is 42 days, and females become pregnant two or three times a year. She gives birth each time from 4 to 8 pups, they are  weaned after 3 to 6 weeks of birth, then they are independent at the age of three months and reach about 6 months of age. The average lifespan of a ferret son is from 7 to 10 years.

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