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Elephant PNG Images - According to zoology, Elephants are a family of the subfamily Probosidia. Previously these were placed in the subspecies of pachydermata. Today there are three species of elephants on Earth. They are: African shrub elephant, African forest elephant and Asian elephant. It is customary to call the first two of these together, the African elephant. The Asian Elephant is also known as the Indian Elephant. The remaining species of elephants disappeared from the earth permanently with the ice age that ended about 1,000 years ago.

Mammoth (giant elephant) is the most famous of these. The elephant is the largest of the animals living on the ground in the world. Also elephant pregnancy in animals on the groundThe period (months) is the longest of all. Elephant calf weighs up to 5 kg at birth. Elephants can live for about 2 years. The weight of an elephant killed in Angola in 1 year was about 2 kg. This huge elephant was about 2.5 feet tall. It is one m above the average height of African elephants. Increased.

According to fossil studies so far, the smallest elephant is only the size of a calf or a large pig, and has been found on the island of Crete in prehistoric times. The elephant is an endangered species today. This is due to human encroachment on his base and the constant killings of ivory. Today, the number of African elephants, which once were several million, has dropped from 4 to 4,000 today.

Elephants around the world todayPreserved as a protected organism. Elephants have many restrictions on catching, domesticating, and dentistry. Elephants are usually not hunted by other animals. But there are also instances where lions hunt elephants in some areas. Now they are an Indian heritage. "Elephant Task Force" was created by the Ministry of Environment in India.

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