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Eagle PNG Images - The eagle is a large, powerful, efficient bird of prey. Eagles usually live in forests or dense forests. Monkeys, small species of birds, lizards, chickens live by eating. An adult eagle weighs about 30 kg and is about 30-35 inches in length. The most interesting thing is that a healthy adult eagle can climb up to 11,000 feet. In winter they migrate to relatively less cold areas or countries. They breed by living together outside the human area and by building nests at least 100 feet above.
The big tool to save their lives is their toenails. The nails are so sharp that they shatter prey in an instant. However, they are now on the verge of extinction. It goes without saying that they are not found in Bangladesh. Although white-breasted sea eagles (Haliacetus Leucogaster), Kura or Palash fish eagles (Haliacetus leucoryphus), Kulle or Sapkheko crested eagles (Spilornis cheela) small eagles were once seen in Bangladesh but now they are on the verge of extinction.
The largest known eagle to date is the Hust Eagle. The eagle was named after Julius von Hust, who first saw it in 1874 in New Zealand. However, they were already well-known to the local people. They were up to three meters wide and weighed eighteen to twenty kilograms. At present they are extinct.
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