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Dragon PNG Images - Dragons are creatures found in myths. They are referred to in mythology of many cultures as a remarkably serpentine or reptilian creature.
The most commonly mentioned dragons are European dragons found in various European folk cultures, as well as independent lowland dragons such as Chinese dragons. The English word "dragon" is derived from the Greek word δράκων (dragon) meaning "dragon, largely serpentine, water-snake-like", which may have come from the verb δρακεῖν (dragon) meaning "to see clearly".
Dragons today are generally depicted as having a large lizard-like body spewing fire out of their mouths, or as a snake with two lizard legs. European dragons have bat-like feathers on their backs. A dragon-like creature without forelegs is called a wyvern. Discovering that the flying lizards walked on the ground, they drew some dragons of the genus Flying Lizard that use feathers as forelegs when on the ground, without forelegs.
Although the dragon is found in many myths around the world, the various stories of many creatures included in the name of dragons are found in different cultures. Some dragons are said to be fiery and oxidizing. These are usually hatched from eggs and are depicted as a remarkably scaly or feathered snake-like or reptile. Sometimes these are drawn with big eyes or as if watching the hunt with great enthusiasm. The word dragon may have originated from this latter (the Greek word dragon means "to see clearly"). Some myths depict them with a line with a spinal cord. European dragons often have wings, but the lower dragon species are shown as large snakes. Dragons can have many legs: how many can not be said, as far as European literature is concerned, two, four, or even more.
Dragons are often of great spiritual significance in many regions and cultures around the world. In many Asian cultures, even now, in some cultures, dragons are revered as representatives of the major forces of nature, religion, and the universe. They are said to be intelligent — often said to be smarter than humans — associated with longevity and are said to possess some kind of magic or other supernatural power. It is also known that these are commonly associated with wells, rain and rivers. In some cultures, they are said to have human-like speech.
The word dragoon, which is still used today in cavalry fighting infantry, is derived from its predecessor, "dragon". When fired with a large piercing gun, it is like spitting a flame. The mythical creature may have been named in this way.
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