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Dog Collar PNG Images - A dog collar is a type of accessory worn around the neck. Collars are usually made of metal, leather or fabric and are often equipped with a closure or fastening system. They are often used in addition to a leash. The collar can be used for animal control, identification, fashion, or other purposes. The collar can be replaced by a halter or a harness.

Basic Collar:

An anti-wolf collar, of a different model than the one described in the article.

The flat or buckle collar is usually made of leather or fabric with a buckle similar to a belt buckle or a clip buckle. Generally, the size of the collar is adjustable to allow it to be loose enough around the animal's neck so as not to injure it or to allow it to be removed easily. This type of collar usually has a loop to attach a leash or medallion.

The flea collar is a plastic collar coated with a flea-repelling chemical.

The Elizabethan collar or collar in the shape of a truncated cone is used to prevent the dog from scratching or licking a wound or infection.

The wolf collar is a thick leather collar fitted with spikes. This type of collar dates back to ancient Greece, when shepherds received studded collars to protect them from wolves 1. In modern societies, studded collars are most often considered a gothic fashion accessory, when worn by humans.

Training collar:

Several types of collars are used for dog training purposes.

The martingale collar is recommended for greyhounds, as their head, which is smaller than their neck, can slip out of a standard collar. A martingale collar has 2 buckles: the lower buckle and the servo buckle which tightens the wider buckle when pulled, to prevent the dog from slipping his head out of the collar.

The choke chain or sliding collar is a chain with 2 rings at each end so that the collar forms a loop that slips around the dog's head and comes to rest freely around the neck. When the leash is attached to the ring of the sleeper , the collar does not contract, but if it is attached to the other ring, this one in case of traction will tighten the collar on the dog's neck and will slip as soon as the tension is released.

The semi-choke collar is based on the same principle of pressure on the neck but in such a way that the collar does not completely close on the neck.

The pointed choke collar is a collar formed of chain links with open ends whose point is turned partially inwards on the dog's neck.

The electronic collar is a training aid that delivers an electrical pulse to the dog. According to the collar program: during a bark, when leaving a delimited area or triggered manually by the master, using a box. These collars are illegal in some countries, especially since it goes against positive reinforcement training.

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