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Deer PNG Images - The deer is the founder of the Kervidae family of mammals. Bulga deer, Maya deer, Sambar deer and Chitra deer are some examples. Chinese water deer and female reindeer are born and cut their own horns each year. In this way they completely disassociated themselves from the horned beasts, such as the antelope; They are like ordinary deer.
Asia's musk deer and humid-African water chevroletin (or mouse deer) are not considered real deer because they form their own separate families, excluding the Cervidae family. Below are the names of the families they formed - Musk Deer = Moschidei and Water Chevrotein = Tragulidei.
Deer have been seen in various caves since the Stone Age. There are descriptions of them in various myths, religious ballads and literature at different times in history. They were also economically important, such as meat, leather, and knife horns. Deer hunting has gained popularity since the Middle Ages and still does.
Deer are nomadic creatures, they mainly eat leaves. Their stomachs are small, suitable for chewing and need high nutrition. Unlike domesticated animals or sheep, they do not eat high quality fibrous foods but eat easily digestible foods such as young leaves, soft grass, sprouted seedlings, soft fruits, tree stalks, fungi and algae. Low-fiber foods pass through the esophagus quickly at the end of a short digestion and chopping process.
Deer need a lot of minerals, especially calcium and phosphate, to grow horns, which in turn leads to the need for nutritious food. On the other hand, some reports have shown that deer are carnivorous, such as the northern bobwhites.
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