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Crab PNG Images - A crab is a type of crustracean creature that lives in water/ land. A related synonym is crab meat. Theyinhabit all the oceans of the world, in freshwater and on land, usually with their limbs covered in thick shells and a pair of claws.

The crab's body is usually covered with a thick shell, made mainly of highly mineralized chitin, and armed with a pair of claws. Crabs are found in all oceans of the world, while many crabs live in freshwater and even on land, they live mainly in tropical areas. Crabs vary in size, ranging from a few millimeters to a few meters. Japanese spider crabs can grow up to 4 meters (13 ft) in length.

There are about 850 species of crabs; They are found in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world.


Crab production is about 1.5 million tons per year, which is about 20% of marine crustaceans. The species Portunus trituberculatus is 20% of them.

In some species live crabs are released into the water by hand pulling crab meat with one or both paws. It is believed that crabs that survive will restore their claws.


Crabs are prepared and eaten in many different ways around the world. Some species are eaten with shellfish, such as soft-shelled crabs; Only claws or feet of other (especially larger) species are eaten. In many cultures female crab eggs are also eaten, usually appearing orange or yellow in fertile crabs. It is popular in Southeast Asia e cultures, in some Mediterranean and Northern European cultures, as well as in Eastern, Chesapeake and southern America.

In some regions, spices are used to improve the taste. Extremely spicy dishes are made in Southeast Asia and India. In the Chesapeake Bay area, blue crabs are often boiled. Alaskan King crab or ice crab legs are usually served only with baffle and garlic or lemon.

Crab meat is extracted in a British dish dressed crab and placed in a hard shell.

Artificial crabs, also called surimi, are made from fish meat. While it is sometimes discredited in some parts of the culinary industry as an unjustly low quality substitute for real crab, it is very popular in Japan and South Korea as a sushi ingredient and in home cooking because of its low cost. Surimi is an important source of protein in most East and South-East Asian cultures, used in making dishes such as fish ladu and fish cakes.


Crabs are often boiled alive. In 2005, Norwegian scientists concluded that crabs do not feel pain. However, a study by Bob Allwood and Mirjam Apple of Queen's University in Belfast found that Hermit Crabbe reacted to electric shocks. This indicates that some crustaceans feel pain and may remember it.

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