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Cloud PNG Images - A cloud is a mass of water molecules or ice particles floating in the air. In scientific parlance, a cloud is a clear solution of air and water or ice. Clouds are studied under seasonal science. When air becomes saturated due to cooling or excessive humidity, the vapor freezes over the particles present in the air and takes on a liquid form again. And if the temperature is too cold, the water droplets turn into ice particles. The size of the initial particles or droplets is very small. Under favorable conditions, the vapor present in the air can cool on such drops and increase its size. In addition, merging two drops into one another can also increase their size. When the size of the drops increases sufficiently, these drops fall in the form of rain.
During the process of convection in the atmosphere, a cloud-like cloud is formed, which is called cumulus cloud in English. Clouds that spread like layers in the sky are known as stress and clouds that form very high in the sky are known as cirrus.
Most of the clouds are formed in the Earth's troposphere. Sometimes clouds are also found in the stratosphere or mesosphere. Clouds are also found on other planets and moons in the solar system besides Earth. Due to their specific temperature and atmospheric gases there are clouds of methane, ammonia and sulfuric acid.
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