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Chicken PNG Images - Chicken is one of the domesticated birds. Its meat and eggs are one of the sources of protein. They cannot fly more than 10-12 feet. Lays 12-20 eggs at a time and hatches with them. Whose lifespan is 5-10 years.

As of 2016, there were 23.7 billion or 2360 crore chickens in the world. Earlier in 2011 it was more than 19 crores. More chickens than any other bird.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, domestication of wild chickens was first done in the Indian subcontinent. But in the beginning it was done not for food, but for cockfighting. Poultry farming spread from the Indian subcontinent to the Persian kingdom of Lydia in West Asia.

Chickens were imported to Greece in the 5th century BC. Poultry farming began in Egypt during the 16th dynasty, and according to the history of the time of Tutmos III, the practice originated in Syria and Babylon. Asil, Faumi, Rhode Island Reh, Sonali, White Leghorn etc. are notable. In Chittagong area, chicken is called unnamed.

A flock of birds that live in groups of chickens. They have a communal view of egg production and raising children. A hen in a flock will establish an influence on others, establishing a rule that influential people will have priority over their own right to food and nesting places.

Removing roosters or chickens from the group causes temporary disruption to this social system. Adding chickens, especially young birds, to an existing flock can cause fights and injuries. When a rooster finds food, he can call another hen to eat first. This behavior can be noticed in the chickens calling their chicks and encouraging them to eat as well as he gets stuck on a high pitch and picks the food and leaves the food.

The croaking call of a hen is a loud and sometimes soft call and transmits a regional signal to other hens. However, hens may have the presence of crows in response to sudden disturbance around them.

After laying eggs, the hens get stuck loudly and call their young. When chickens approach a predator from the air or on the ground, they make various warning calls.

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