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Cat PNG Images - The cat is a domestic species or small carnivorous mammal. It is the only domesticated species of the Felida family and is often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from wild members of the family. A cat can be either a domestic cat, a farm cat, or a stray cat, The wild cat freely avoids the range of human communication. Domestic cats mate and sharp-toothedPeople value them for their hunting skills. More than sixty recognized cat species have been found so far through various cat registrars.
The anatomy of cats is similar to that of other felid animals, with strong flexible bodies, quick responsiveness, sharp teeth and compressive paws. Their nocturnal sight and sense of smell are very sharp. However, their color visibility is poor. In addition to the use of vocal cords in cats, the use of vocal cords such as meow, gurgling (pure), vibrating (trill) sounds, hissing, roaring and growling, as well as specific body language of cats. Cats, despite being single predators, are social species. Cats hear very sharp and very loud sound frequencies compared to human ears, such as those made by rats or other small creatures. They are most active in the morning and evening due to their predatory nature. They are also able to communicate with their species by secret and pheromone sensations.
The birth of a female domestic cat can be from spring to late autumn. They often give birth to two to five cubs at a time. Cats have a high fertility rate. Domestic cats are bred under controlled breeding, and registered pedigree cats may appear as a hobby to cat lovers. Failure to control the breeding of domestic cats through speculation and castration has led to the breeding of large numbers of feral cats around the world, which have contributed to the extinction of almost all species of birds, mammals and reptiles.
Cats were first domesticated in the Near East in 6500 BC. Cats have been worshiped in ancient Egypt since 3100 BC, and it has long been thought that cats were domesticated in ancient Egypt. As of 2019-2020, cats are the second most popular pet in the United States after pets, with approximately 42.6 million domestic cats. As of 2019About 6.3 million cats lived in more than 4.7 million households in the United Kingdom. If the cat draws blood with a tweezers, then giving a few drops of cat semen in that place can get rid of the disease.
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