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Camera Logo PNG Images - Camera is a device for taking and capturing photographs. It is used to capture visible stationary or moving events. Camera is an optical device used to record images. In the initial stage, the camera is given a box (body of the camera) sealed with a small hole (aperture). In the camera it is a light sensitive page (usually photographic film or digital sensor) Lets capture an image on. Cameras have a variety of mechanisms to control how light falls on a light-sensitive surface.
The lens illuminates the light entering the camera and the size of the aperture can be widened or narrowed to allow more or less light to enter the camera. The shutter process determines when the photo-sensitive surface is exposed to light. It is possible to take static images, moving images, images with words, colored images etc. The name Camera comes from the Latin phrase Camera Obscura, meaning "dark cell".
In the past, photographic film, that is, photosensitive screens, collected negative impressions of the image. Photography to make this negative image positiveHad to improve ("develop"). Now with the advent of light diodes (photodiodes) and CCD - enabled digital cameras, taking and capturing photographs has become much easier.
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