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Boar PNG Images - The wild boar is a mammal in the wild. (Scientific name: Sus scrofa, Indian name: Indian Boar) Dark gray wild boar inhabit deciduous forests, densely wooded areas, wet meadows and small shrubs. The subspecies Sus scrofa cristatus is found in Kerala.

The wild boar has a dark gray body. The wild boar is characterized by a sharp mouth, snout, slender legs, and a slender tail. The tip of the tail and the skin are hairy. Theta is a series of protruding molars. Theta is about 12 cm long. They run fast and attack with tusks to escape from their enemies.

Wild boars, which are usually harmless, are rarely dangerous. Mixed, they dig the soil with a fork and eat the fruits and seeds. They also feed on earthworms, small reptiles, and eggs. Wild boars, which roam in herds day and night, sometimes roam alone. They lie in swamps and ponds.

Wild boars with an average height of two and a half feet weigh 30 to 50 kg. They give birth once a year and on average give birth to up to five pups. Babies' bodies are brown. There are black stripes on this body. Babies who have been breastfeeding for about two weeks then travel with their mother for a meal. They start growing from the second year onwards.

Tigers, foxes and leopards feed on wild boar. Due to the depletion of forest cover, these herds go to the nearby villages for food and destroy the crops. Due to declining numbers, poaching is restricted in Kerala.

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