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Bison PNG Images - Bison is a genus of artiodactyl mammals of the Bovidae family commonly knownas bison or cibolos, which is currently reduced to two species: the American bison (Bison bison), which lives preferably in the Great Plains of the United States United States, Canada and Mexico where it was recently found in the wild by chance, and the endangered European bison (Bison bonasus), which lives preferably in forests and has now been reduced to a few small protected areas in Eastern Europe.

The closest genus is Bos, with which it can generate hybrids in captivity such as the beefalo (Bison sp. x Bos taurus) and the yakalo (Bison bison x Bos mutus). The two species of the genus Bison can also interbreed with each other, normally generating fertile individuals. The genus appears to have originated in South Asia during the Pliocene, where a series of species emerged with graceful forms, with long legs, a small head and a slightly pronounced hump, which later spread to the rest of the continent and Europe.

The appearance of robust forms similar to the current ones took place in Central Asia during the Pleistocene glaciations, which at the end of this epoch would leave Eurasia to colonize North America.

Subsequent climatic changes eventually made bison extinct in Asia (with the exception of the Caucasus, where an endemic subspecies survived until the early 20th century) and a browsing species typical of the forest was created in Europe, the European bison (B. bonasus), and another in America, the bison or American buffalo (B. bison), which in turn was divided into two different subspecies: one grazer of wild prairies, the Plains bison or buffalo (B. b. bison), and another native to forest habitats, the wood or mountain bison or buffalo (B. b. athabascae).

The characteristic physical qualities of the bison give it advantages to survive, such as being surrounded by snow that uses its bulky head to separate it and thus find grass or to break through. It is also one of the few animals, if not the only one, that withstands storms instead of fleeing from them. This was even more advantageous when in the past it seasonally migrated long distances, its movements now being limited.

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