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Birds PNG Images - Birds are amphibians with feathers and wings. Although some insects and bats have wings, only birds have feathers. There are about 10,000 species of birds in the world. Thus all living birds belong to the subclass Neornithis. Bird class (Aves) has a total of 23 classes, 142 genera, 2056 genusAnd arranged in 9602 species. However, new species are constantly being discovered and new species are being identified by dividing some of the older species.
The fossils found so far indicate that the birds appeared in the Jurassic period, about 160 million years ago. According to paleontologists, birds are the only offspring of the four-limbed dinosaur after the extinction of the Cretaceous-Paleogene 75 million years ago. Among the living birds, the bee hummingbird is the smallest (only 5 centimeters or 2 inches) and the ostrich is the largest (2.75 meters or 9 feet).
Birds, like fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, are also vertebrates. The main features of modern day birds are feathers, toothless beak, hard shell eggs with which they leave their offspring, four-chambered heart, high cellular biochemical rate, light but strong bones etc. All birds have wings, the only exception being the now defunct New Zealand moa. The frontal lobe evolved into a wing. Almost all birds can fly and so can birds (such as ostriches), Penguin is the product of the evolution of ancestors capable of flying.
Most of the birds that are unable to fly are native to some of the islands. The digestive and excretory processes of birds are conducive to their easy flight and are quite different from all other animals. Some species of birds, especially crows and tigers, are among the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom. Some species of birds have mastered the technique of making and using small tools. Some social birds are seen passing on the necessary knowledge for their survival from generation to generation.
Many of the birds are migratory. At certain times of the year, they travel huge distances from one place to another. Irregular movement of short lengths is more visible from such transfers. Most birds are social creatures. They communicate with each other through visual cues and by mail or whistle. They also take part in various social activities, such as taking part in breeding in the same season, colonizing together, flocking together, searching for food in groups, and even chasing away the enemy in groups. Most birds mate only for one breeding season or a maximum of one year, rarely mating for a lifetime. Polygamy or polygamyThe custom is also seen in birds. Birds usually lay their eggs in their nests and their parents hatch with them. Most birds rear their young for several days after hatching.
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