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Bear PNG Images - The bear is the largest mammal in the Ursidae family. Eight different groups of bears have been found. Of these, six categories are mixed. Of the other two species, the polar bear mainly feeds on meat, while the giant panda lives on bamboo. They are found in almost all parts of the Northern Hemisphere and much of the Southern Hemisphere in a variety of habitats.

Common bear features short legs, flattened five-toothed claws, large body, rough fur coat, long face, pointed nose, and short tail. Small animals and plants are the main food. They generally prefer to live alone, except during mating, reproduction, and child care.

Although it rarely preys during the day and sunrise, bears are generally nocturnal. Good sense of smell helps them to catch prey and escape from enemies. Despite their large body type, they can run fast, swim and climb trees.

They are carnivores who eat meat, fish, eggs, fruits, seeds, leaves, potatoes and honey. 

Lives with the mate for about a month during the breeding season. The male then splits and the female searches for a place to give birth.

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