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Bat PNG Images - Bats are flying mammals of the genus Caryoptera. It is the only mammal that has the ability to fly properly. Bats are the second most diverse mammal species after the mouse species. There are 1240 different species of bats. Of these, large varieties that eat only fruits and small ones that eat insects are important.

The vampire bat found in the Americas lives by sucking the blood of other mammals (including humans). Because of this, many superstitions about bats are still prevalent in many parts of the world. Bats are often portrayed as scary in literature and movies. Dracula, Yakshi There have been many movies around the world that kill people by flying like bats.

Bats can be found in different sizes, colors, and types in different parts of the world, except in hot and cold regions. The bat commonly found in Kerala is also known as bat, kadavathil and narichir in some parts. Larger species are also called parada. Many bat species are among the numerous endangered species today.

Bats' bodies are usually covered with fur. The main colors are orange, grayish white or brown. These colors help to escape from enemies during the day and to hunt for prey at night. Sight is very high‌. However, they do not recognize colors.

With this view, bats can understand the shape and movement of their prey at night. Despite their visual acuity, bats often communicate by sound and smell. Smells identify babies and their place of residence. Almost all species of bats produce a specific type of sap. This odor is used to identify.

Bats are mammals that can fly for long periods of time. Their hind legs were weakened as part of a positive change in flight. As a result, their weak legs are unable to support their body weight or to lean on the ground to fly upwards.

Therefore, bats cannot fly out of tree trunks or soil. To overcome this, they hang upside down on trees. When they feel like flying, they grab hold of the tree. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.

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