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Baseball PNG Images - A team game of baseball bat and ball in which two teams of nine players take part. The game is completed by hitting the ball with the bat and touching four bases at the corners of a 90-foot rhombus. The players of the batting team face the ball of the pitcher of the fielding team. The pitcher tries to get the players out of the batting team in different ways.

A player of the batting team can stop at any base and then move forward again by hitting the teammates or by other means. An innings ends when the fielding team takes out three hitters. A professional baseball game is completed with a total of nine innings. The team that can collect the highest number of runs during this period is considered the winner.

The earliest version of baseball evolved from the old bat-ball game, which was played in England in the mid-eighteenth century. Immigrants introduced the game to North America, where modern versions were created. It has been known as the national sport of the United States since the late nineteenth century. Baseball is currently popular in North America, Central and South America, the Caribbean and East Asia.

In the United States and Canada, professional major league baseball teams are divided into the National League and the American League, with three divisions, East, West, and Central. The winner of the Major League is determined by the play-offs in the World Series. Five teams from each league participate in the play-offs - three division winners and two wild card winners.

Baseball is also a major team sport in Japan and Cuba. The game at the top level in both countries is divided into two leagues. Central League and Pacific League in Japan and Western League and Eastern League in Cuba.

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