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Baseball Bat PNG Images - A bat is a stick used by a batter to hit a ball in baseball and softball. The heaviest weight shall not exceed 1 kg, the longest length shall not exceed 1067mm, and the diameter shall not exceed 70mm. Depending on the material, there are wooden sticks, bamboo sticks, aluminum sticks and carbon fiber sticks. Professional baseball and senior baseball and green baseball events mostly use wooden bats, while youth baseball, junior baseball and softball mainly use aluminum bats. There are also foam bats for children.

In addition to being used as sports equipment, bats are also used as attack weapons, Together with the finger tiger and the stick, they are called the three masters. According to TASS Russia where baseball is not popular, 500,000 bats were sold in 2014, and many drivers have bats in their cars to use in the event of a traffic dispute.

The material of the bat may be wood or metal alloy (usually aluminum alloy). Most sticks are made of ash, but also maple, hickory, birch, yellow birch, or bamboo. Hickory wood is less used because of its heavier weight, which slows down the swing of the bat, and has been used more and more since the introduction of the first MLB-sanctioned maple bat series in 1997. bat.

The first batter to use was Joe Carter of the Toronto Blue Jays. Barry Bonds broke the single-season home run record in 2001 with a maple bat and a career home run record in 2007. Because of the increasing rate of cracked maple bats, Major League Baseball began to test in 2010 and banned the use of certain types of maple bats in minor league games.

When making a bat, the manufacturer will put the bat logo on the side with weaker mechanical strength, which reduces the chance of the bat breaking, and it is possible to transfer more energy to the ball when hitting the ball, in a horizontal swing, the logo should face the ground or face the sky. According to this grip and the way of hitting the ball, the toughness of the bat is higher, and it is less likely to break.

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