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Ant PNG Images - Ants are social insects belonging to the family Formicidae. Ants belong to the same class Hymenoptera as their close species wasps and bees. They evolved from wasps in the mid-Cretaceous 11 to 13 million years ago and developed multifaceted development after the emergence of flowering plants. Of the approximately 22,000 species of ants known to date, 13,600 have been classified. Ants can be easily identified by their elbow-like antlers and gland-like structures that make up their slender waist.
Ants live in colonies that can range from dozens of naturally occurring predatory ants to millions of ants living over vast areas. Larger groups are mainly made up of barren, wingless female ants that are divided into cadres, soldiers, and other specialized forces. Almost all ant colonies have some reproductive male ants (drones) and one or more fertile female ants, called queen ants.
This colony of ants is sometimes called super-organism, because they all behave like animals and fight in unison for survival.
Ants are found almost everywhere in the world, except for Antarctica and some such areas. Ants can thrive in almost any ecosystem and they make up about 15-25% of the underground biomass. The reason for their success is their social organization, ability to move quickly, their ability to procure supplies and their ability to defend themselves. Their long coexistence with other animals has led to the imitation of other animals, creating parasitic, parasitic and mitogenic relationships.
Ant society has the skills of division of labor, communication at individual level and problem solving. These interactions with humans have made them very attractive animals for research. In many human societies, ants are again used in food, medicine, and religious ceremonies. Some species of ants are also important as organic pesticides. However, ants can sometimes cause harm to humans. Ants damage crops and destroy buildings. Some species, such as Red imported fire ant, are considered aggressive species in some places. Because even if they accidentally move to a new environment, they can easily establish themselves there.
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