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Acron PNG Images - Acorns or acorns are, in a broad sense, a common name for the fruits of the family Fagaceae. In a narrow sense, fruits of the family Fagaceae other than chestnut, beech, and beech. In the narrowest sense, it is a general term for the fruits of Quercus serrata trees such as oak in the family Fagaceae.
Acorns are nuts that are partially or wholly covered with cupules, a common feature of Fagaceae fruits and a feature almost endemic to Fagaceae.
Some Fagaceae fruits have unique names other than "acorn". The fruits of chestnuts are called "chestnuts" or "chestnut fruits". There are also the words "Shii no Mi" and "Nara no Mi". Beech fruits are sometimes called "soba-guri".
Cross section of acorn. C is astringent skin. The inside of the astringent skin is seeds.
The inside of the acorn shell (the outermost hard skin) and the astringent skin (Shibukawa) just below it are seeds. In other words, most of the acorns are seeds (most of the volume and mass are seeds). Buds sprout from acorns and grow into oak trees.
The shape varies depending on the tree species, but the common characteristics of the fruits of the family Fagaceae, not limited to acorns, are that the tip is sharp, the skin on the surface is hard, the upper part is smooth brown, and the lower part is light brown. Acorns that cover the bottom or all of the fruit are acorns. Acorn shells are commonly called "boushi" or "hakama". Acorns are a collection of bracts, fused, deformed, and dried, and are peculiar to the fruits of the Fagaceae and Nothofagaceae. For this reason, the family Fagaceae was once called the family Fagaceae. Fagaceae nuts are called cupules or acorns to distinguish them from other nuts.
The image of an acorn is often that it is covered with an elongated, lumpy shell, but in the oak, the acorn is round and the shell is hairy. Some acorns, such as chestnuts and castanopsis sieboldii, cover the entire acorn. Chestnut acorns have thorns and are called "iga".
The cotyledons, which make up the majority of the seeds inside, are rich in starch and feed on animals, including humans. It was also used as a material for Japanese classic toys ( tops, etc.).
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