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Lizard PNG Images - Lizards are scaly reptiles. Of these, there are over 6000 species in total. They are found on all continents except Antarctica.
Most lizard species have four legs. Other species have a slender, elongated body like a snake. Some species, such as the jungle flying lizard, have the ability to fly.
Predatory lizards wait and catch prey. Various small lizard species feed on insects. Some large lizard species, such as the Komodo dragon, kill and eat mammals such as water buffalo.
Lizards have various adaptations, including venom to escape from their enemies, metamorphosis, spontaneous bleeding, and regrowth of a lost tail.
Lizard is the name of the lizard. Says the lizard. In ancient times women would go out and stand as they saw the lizard's bull (omen), longing for when the husband would return home. The songs of the powerful poet "My wife who has been working on the lizard on the roof of the wall" will make this clear. 
In some parts of Sri Lanka, if a child's tooth falls out, he will throw the tooth on the roof, saying, "Lizard, you take this tooth and give me a new tooth."
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