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Horse Dolphin Images - Dolphin - Common name for a wide variety of aquatic mammals belonging to the Delphinidae and Platinistidae families of the Cetaceae and Odantaceae subspecies. 'Dolphins' are mammals belonging to the tooth whale subspecies. These are relatives of whales. They are found all over the world and live in oceans and large rivers.

There are about forty species of dolphins in the species. They are found all over the world, mostly in shallow oceanic crustaceans. These are mostly carnivores who eat fish and squid.

Body length is about 4 m. Weight 30-160kg The distinctive feature of this is that the nose is protruding like a beak. Both upper and lower abdomen have similar teeth. Gray, or grayish black on the back of the body color: White in the abdomen. There is a swimmer on his back, two swimming wings on the body's sides and a tail swimmer extending horizontally. Passover swimsuits are forearms. Dolphins do not have sweat or oil glands. There is only one nostril on the scalp. Dolphins swim very quickly and smoothly. The tail swims up and down while swimming. They usually live in groups. Fish, shrimp, and various species of creatures that live in the ocean. Due to their poor visual appearance, food animals can be spotted and eaten.

The gestation period is about 9 months. There is only one child born. The mother nurtures the chick with fondness.


There are several types of dolphins. These include the Platonistidae Gangetica (Dolphin-infant son of the Ganges River), Iphia jeffrensis (South American americanus and the Orinoco rivers) The main types are dolphin (river dolphin) and stenola (spotted dolphin).


The word 'dolphin' is derived from the Greek language , which is similar to the word ' womb'. The term 'dolphin' can be used to denote under the subclass Odontoceti. The word 'whale' in common usage is used only for large whale species. Dolphins are considered a species with a beak or a short nose. A group of dolphins is called a "school" or a "pod." Male dolphins are called "bulls", female dolphins are called "cows" and young dolphins are called "chicks".


Dolphins have been known to man since ancient times. They demonstrate the unsophisticated nature of playing around with ships at sea. These are also friendly creatures. Likewise intelligent animals. They are also interconnected, producing a variety of sounds; As a result, in some states of America, they are taught and entertained by special games. There have been scientific studies on the level of intelligence and language. In some cases, the meat is eaten. One type of oil is used to light a lamp.

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