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Dachshund PNG Images - The Dachshund also called dachshund or especially teckel in the hunter's language, is a German dog breed recognized by the FCI ( FCI Group 4, Section 1, Standard No. 148).

The breed is bred in Germany, mainly in the German Teckelklub 1888, in the International Breed Hunting Utility Dog Association and - as a purely hunting breed - in the Verein fĂźr Jagdteckel.

In addition to the dog breed, the term dachshund also refers to a historical group of hunting dogs : dogs that were used for burrow hunting (earth dog), especially for hunting in badger burrows, as well as a group (group 4: dachshunds) in the FCI breed system, which, however, only included the breed dachshund contains.

The dachshund is characterized by a low, short-legged, elongated, but compact build. He is very muscular, with head held upright and an alert expression on his face. The shortened legs of the dachshund are the result of a targeted selection for chondrodysplasia and are anchored in the breed standard.

The dogs come in different sizes and fur variations: long-haired, rough-haired, short-haired in many color variations, also multi-colored or brindle. Black animals without branding and white animals with or without branding are expressly excluded from the FCI breed standard. Pied dachshunds can be exhibited under AKC rules and are known there as piebalds. The hanging ears are not set too far forward, adequate but not excessively long and rounded. In the three coat types, the dachshunds in the FCI standard are divided into Teckels according to their size(T) (formerly normal dachshund), chest circumference (BU) over 35 cm, upper weight limit around 9 kg, miniature dachshund (Zw), BU over 30 to 35 cm, and rabbit dachshund (Kt), BU up to 30 cm.

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