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Crow PNG Images - Crow is the Czech name for some songbirds from the genus Raven (Corvus). Although it is used in Czech as a genus name, it represents the subgenus Corone. The Black Crow ( Corvus corone Linnaeus, 1758) and the Gray Crow (Corvus cornix Linnaeus, 1758) occur in the Czech Republic. In areas of common occurrence (the whole territory of the Czech Republic) it is common to cross both species. Hybrids show different color transitions (gray range) between the two species.

The New Caledonian Crow (Corvus moneduloides) can use and modify tools. In the wild, they have proven to use sticks and petioles from which they make hooks. They use them to prick and pull insects from the crown of the palm tree. In their experiments, they were able to use artificial materials (wires, tinfoil strips) that they had never seen before. Using these hooks, they were able to remove a basket of meat from a glass tube.

This ability was also demonstrated in experiments with captive-bred pups that did not come into contact with their parents. Thus, it is either a hereditary behavior for solving similar tasks (similar to how a South American predator remembers breaking an African ostrich 's eggs with a stone) or a proof of more general logical and planning skills.

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