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Crocodile PNG Images - Crocodiles are a type of aquatic quadrupeds. They are found in Africa, Asia, North America and South America and the continent of Australia.

Although crocodiles, alligators and alligators may look the same in general, they belong to different classes in biological terms. The crocodile's mouth is round near the tip. However, it is a little difficult to separate the alligator and the crocodile. Externally, the crocodile's head is slender and long.

The face of the alligator is very English U-shaped and the face of the crocodile is English V-shaped. The crocodile's upper and lower jaws have the same width and the lower jaw teeth are above the upper jaw teeth while the mouth is closed. As a result, the teeth can be seen in that condition. Alligator does not have this feature. Crocodiles are much more aggressive than other animals in the same class.

All types of crocodiles are similar in shape and biology. But their size, nature, behavior and type of habitat vary by species. Although there are some similarities between them in all these matters. All crocodiles are semi-aquatic animals. They live mainly in the fresh water of rivers, lakes and wetlands. Some species of crocodiles live in semi-saline and saline waters. These are carnivores. Their food is mainly fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Crocodiles live in the equatorial region. They are sensitive to cold environment. About 50 million years ago, during the Eocene, they became isolated from other crocodilian species. Like other branches of crocodilomorphism, this branch has survived for the last 225 million years, despite various extinctions. However, many species of crocodiles are now endangered or endangered due to habitat problems and poaching.

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