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Water PNG Images - Water is a chemical substance whose chemical symbol is H2O. Its atom consists of one oxygen and two atomic molecules connected by a covalent bond. Water is in liquid form under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, but at the same time it co-exists on earth in its solid form as ice and as water vapour in the form of gas.
Water covers about 90.5% of the Earth's surface, and is essential for every form of life. On Earth, water is mostly found in oceans and other water sources, of which 1.3% is groundwater and 0.001% is water vapor, precipitation and clouds (solid and liquid particles dependent on air). Is in the form. Oceans account for 2% of surface water, glaciers and polar ice caps for 2.5%, and other terrestrial sources such as rivers, lakes, and lakes for 0.2%. A very small portion of water is found in living things and in manufactured matter.
Earth's water is always in a cycle of evaporation or migration or evaporation, rain, or rush (mostly towards the ocean) which is called water cycle. Evaporation on land results in precipitation.
Clean potable water is essential for human and other living things. The availability of safe drinking water has become easier everywhere in the world over the last decade. There is a direct link between the availability of safe drinking water and GDP. However, some observers believe that by 205, half the world will be facing water-borne (disease) vulnerabilities. The current report (November 2006) states that by 2030, in some developing regions of the world, the need for water will exceed 40% of the supply. Water plays an important role in the world economy as it is a solvent for many types of chemicals. As used, it is an important industrial coolant and conductor. About 90% of fresh water is used by agriculture.
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