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Transparent Hat PNG Images - The hat is a costume used to cover the head. Caps are used to prevent hypothermia and to enhance the appearance and protection of the scalp or hair. There are different types of hats used only by men, used only by women and used by both men and women. The descendants of the Portuguese and other slaves who settled in India were known as the Topikars.

From ancient times the people wore different types of hats. Even today, hats with new looks still exist in almost every country. For some, the hat is designed to withstand heat, rain, and snow. For some, it is a symbol of national-tribal-cultural identity. In some places wearing a hat is a custom and ritual. There are also hats that indicate occupation and status.

Hats are made of grass, straw, cane, palm, flax, cloth, flower, feathers, metal, glass, leather, plastic and rucksack.

Wearing a hat has also become a weapon of war. For example, soldiers of the French Revolution wore the 'Phrygian cap'. The Indian model for this is the 'Gandhi hat'.

The hat was a symbol of freedom in Rome. There was a custom of shaving the head and wearing a hat as a symbol of freedom when the slave was set free.

Hundreds of models of hats are popular all over the world, such as rattan hats, bamboo hats, bamboo hats, police hats, army hats, cowboy hats, horned hats, feather hats, clown hats, turban hats and turkey hats.

The styles associated with hats in Malayalam are - loser hat, hat with a feather and hat (convert to Islam).

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