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Transparent Hair PNG Images - Hair is a thin, long, thread-like protein fiber derived from a follicle located in the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin. Hair is an indicative feature of mammals as it is found only in the body of mammals. The main ingredient in hair is keratin.
The soft, fine hairs found on the bodies of mammals other than humans are called "fur" or fur. On the other hand, the curly hair produced on the body of sheep and goats is called wool. Although some non-mammals, especially insects and spiders, have been shown to have hair-like protrusions on their bodies, they are not called "hairs" from a scientific point of view.
The hairs on the tree are seen to be hairy. The hair follicles found in some anthropoids, such as insects and spiders, are a type of polysaccharide called chitin. Some dogs, cats and rats are hairless. In some species the body does not have hair at certain times in the life cycle.
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