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Glass PNG Images - Glass is a non-crystalline transparent formless solid object with many practical, technical and decorative applications. Glass is used for windows, tableware, optics, etc. Glass is usually made by rapid cooling from molten state, but volcanic glass is basically made naturally.
The most well-known and oldest type of glass is silica (silicon dioxide, or quartz), the primary component of sand. Based "silicate glass". Soda-lime glass containing about 80% silica is about 90% of the total glass produced. Although the term glass is often used only for such materials, the desired properties for use in modern communication technology often exist in silica-free glass. Some objects, such as water glasses and glasses, are usually made of silicate-based glass, so they are simply called glass/glass after the material.
Although fragile, silicate glass is extremely durable, and many examples have been found of glass fragments from early glass-making cultures. Archaeological evidence suggests that glassmaking began in Mesopotamia, Egypt, or Syria at least 3,600 years ago. The oldest glass material is beads, which were probably mistakenly made during metal work or during the manufacture of pottery. Glass has historically been used in utensils such as bowls, vases, bottles, jars and water glasses due to its ability to give any shape. In its most difficult condition it is made of paperweight and marble used for. Glass can be colored by adding metallic salts or by coloring and printing as plated glass. Glass fibers are used as optical fibers in communication networks.
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