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Fire PNG Images - Fire is a chemical reaction of fast flammable substances. It is a thermodynamic, rapid oxidation process of a substance in a combustion reaction. It produces a variety of chemical products, including heat and light. Fire is hot because of the weak binding of molecular oxygen, O2, the product of the combustion reaction produces energy during conversion to carbon dioxide and strong bonding of water (O2 to 416 kJ energy per 32g); The bonding power of the fuel plays very little role here.
A flame is produced when a combustion reaction reaches a certain point or flame. The flame is the visible part of the fire. Flames consist mainly of carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen. When heated enough, the gas can ionize and produce plasma. The color of the flame and the intensity of the fire vary depending on the composition of the ignited material and the presence of impurities.
A common form of fire is arson, which can also cause physical harm through burning. Fire is an important process that affects the ecosystem around the world. The positive effects of fire include acting as a catalyst for growth and maintaining various ecosystems. Its negative effects include risk to life and property, atmospheric pollution and water pollution. If fires damage protective vegetation, heavy rainfall can increase soil erosion. In addition, potassium and phosphorus contained in burning plants are quickly mixed into the soil for recycling from the ash. Nitrogen is released into the atmosphere.
This loss of nitrogen due to fire reduces soil fertility in the long run. However, this fertility can probably be restored through nitrogen binding, as seen in the conversion of molecular nitrogen present in the atmosphere to ammonia by lightning and nitrogen binding legumes such as peas, beans.
Humankind has used fire as a weapon or means of land clearing, cooking, heat and light production, signalling, machine power, smelting of metals, incineration of waste, incineration and destruction. The discovery and control of fire is considered an important step in the progress of human civilization. Evidence of the use of fire by Homo erectus was found about 1 million years ago.
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