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Confetti PNG Images - Confetti, papelillo, pica-pica, mixture, 1chaya or papel picado is a festive element typical of Christmas or carnival consisting of small pieces of colored paper, bright or matte, that are thrown into the air, remaining for a while. suspended to give a festive tone to the celebration.
The word comes from the Italian confetti, small sweets made of almonds and sugar, usually given as wedding gifts. The Italian word for paper confetti is coriandoli. 
Originally, what was thrown into the air as emperors and kings passed by were flower petals. This is probably where this much cheaper tradition of decorating the holidays comes from.
As early as 5,000 years ago, roses were cultivated in ancient China in order to use their petals as confetti. So the origins could be in different places and times.
Of American and Canadian tradition, modern confetti is circular and glides around and produces a kind of choreography and very colorful visual effects.
In Spain the traditional confetti used until recently was round and the size of a fingertip. In recent years this has changed considerably, and the introduction of professional throwing systems has made it possible to put on real shows with confetti and streamers. Most of the professional confetti is made of tissue paper and the metallic professional confetti is made of PVC. With these materials you can make confetti of different shapes and colors. The most typical is the rectangular professional confetti. There is also a dissolvable confetti, made from rice paper.
The visualization of these effects on television through the European soccer cup and the UEFA produced a very clear popularization today in advertising and all kinds of events. It is also used at children's parties, discos, award ceremonies, weddings, concerts, among other events.
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